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Organizing a seminar? A concert, a conference, a reception (*)? Turn to our ballroom!

The hall, in the typical art deco style of the twenties, is divisible in three parts and can be adapted to a large number of guests.


A history

As from its inauguration on November 5th 1927, the ballroom has served for many of the foundation’s events: concerts, conferences, but also film shootings. Most of the walls and ceiling are at that time covered with sumptuous paintings.

During World War II, the building is first occupied by the Red Cross, then by the German army. When the latter retreats at the liberation of Paris, a grenade is launched into the hall and starts a fire. After the liberation, the building is requisitioned by the American army to finally come back to its original purpose of academic foundation.

After the fire, the ballroom is renovated and its paintings restored. A part from the first northern bay, the arched ceiling is then painted in white.



Ballroom : 400 m² (33 x 12 m)

Stage : 60 m² (12 x 5 m)

Capacity : 350 guests

A structure of four large foldable oak doors allows the hall to be divided in three parts of about 130 m² each, as needed. The WiFi access is at your disposal

The ballroom is equipped with a mobile audio system, available for rent.

A number of tables, chairs and bar tables are also present.


(*) Following its public and academic vocation, the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation is not open to private, political or religious events. 



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