Artistic Scholarship

For the current academic year, the Biermans-Lapôtre of Paris will honour a number of requests for Biermans-Lapôtre scholarships, for the duration of one month.


The scholarship includes:


A travel and stay indemnity of 700 euro a month, payable to Paris (this amount can be adjusted according to other possible revenue received simultaneously by the candidate. Accommodations are in a single room at the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation during the period in question.


Candidates will be considered if:


  • They are taking art training in higher education either in Belgium or Luxembourg, are residing either in Belgium or Luxembourg, or are from Belgium or Luxembourg.
  • They are presenting an art project justifying a stay in Paris of the duration suggested and their candidacy is backed by two higher education art professors.


The receivers agree to:


  • Stay at the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation for the total duration of the bursary and respect its rules
  • Present a show or an exhibition at the end of the stay at the Foundation.

The scholarship does not include social security or medical coverage, the candidates will have to be supported by a third party or ensure their own coverage.


Candidacy will include:

  • The candidacy form here below
  • A summary of no more than three pages of the art project. The two reports from the professors informing the jury on the suggested project and the candidacy

Documents expected:


At the following address:


The candidates selected will be informed within seven days after the date.


Information on details of the request for Biermans-Lapôtre bursaries can be obtained by e-mail at

Available documents (PDF file)

- Bourse d'études artistiques .pdf

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