Is the Universe finite or infinite? Was it created at a certain time, and how? Or, has it always existed? Will it ever come to an end? What is it made of? How big is it?
These are questions that we have always asked ourselves, and which we have tried to answer in different ways through the different epochs, with the instruments and knowledge that we had at the time. This curiosity that we have always had is already by itself a good motivation to keep trying to answer these questions. And today we can do that in a scientific way, with models and observations. This is the goal of cosmology. This talk is intended to be an introduction to what cosmology is today, what we know and what we don’t yet know about the Universe. It is meant to be for everybody, especially for people who are fascinated by this subject, but have never dared to investigate it much.
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Quand ? Jeudi 12 mai à 19h30
Où ? Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre
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