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Renovation of the Salle des fêtes in 2017

Inaugurated on November 4, 1927 in the presence of Prince Leopold and the President of the French Republic Gaston Doumergue, our village hall, currently with a capacity of 395 people, is the largest of the CIUP with the Salon Honnorat of the International House.

Unfortunately, it is the only space of the Foundation not to have been restored during the 2000-2001 work.

In 2017, thanks to various private and public donations, we were able to completely renovate our village hall. A new parquet floor took place, the paint was refreshed and the windows were replaced by double glazing.

This renovation has reinforced the role of this room as a meeting place, as a rental space and has increased the visibility of Belgium and its communities in Paris.

Our patrons for this project

The National Lottery

The Colonial Lottery (National Lottery since 1962) was created in 1934 during the Great Recession in order to raise funds for the sick in the Belgian Congo. The first draw took place on October 18, 1934. Since 04 February 1978, the National Lottery has been organizing its very popular lottery game, the Lotto. Whether you win or not, every time you play, you help. Every year, the National Lottery supports numerous projects and initiatives.

The Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

The Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte is a public establishment under the supervision of the Minister of State. It manages the National Lottery and plays an eminent role in the organization and financing of projects serving the general interest in Luxembourg. Initially created to help the victims of the Second World War, it now supports many organizations, including the Biermans-Lapôtre Foundation.   

Renovation of the frescoes in the Salle des fêtes in 2017

The foundation's salle des fêtes is composed of 4 frescoes dating back to 1927. Each one represents a landscape of a city of Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Namur and Liege. In 2017, the student restorers of the National Heritage Institute intervened during 13 days to restore these 4 magnificent frescoes. 

Our patrons for this project

The French Community Commission

The French Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region or COCOF is, in the Belgian federal system, the competent body for the French-speaking single-community institutions of the Brussels-Capital Region.

University Foundation Brussels

Brussels Region

City of Antwerp
ASBL "Cultural Heritage Real Estate"

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